“What a Beautiful Place to Be with Friends”

This past weekend my Edgar and our friends Justin, Aubrey, and Kris all packed our bags and trekked to the mountains of Glorieta and Santa Fe, NM for a quick getaway before the fall semester really sank in.


One of the perks of working for my university is that I get access to a certain cabin in Glorieta for an extremely cheap rate, and I’m now kicking myself for working for Wayland for 2.5 years now and only just now taking advantage of it.


We spent three too-short days driving across the plains (stuffed in my Grand Cherokee), touring Santa Fe, looking at art museums, unplugging and connecting in a house in the mountains.

(I gathered our dinner at the Santa Fe Farmers Market)



(Got experimental at Cowgirl Café [Yak burger!!])



And walked several miles to Kakawa for some hibiscus lemonade and gluten-free Aztec brownie (Yum!)


And at the cabin we unwound over dinner.


(Goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms!)


(Greens with fresh raw goat cheese, currant tomatoes [super yum!], and homemade dressing [evoo+balsamic+orange juice+salt])


(Local, organic lamb ribs!)


(Roasted organic carrots [I went to Trader Joes for the first time every to pick these up!])



(Yes, we lit the fireplace)


There were plenty of frustrations to go around, but we were all not quite wanting to leave each other at the end of the weekend.

It was the perfect beginning to the semester.

3 Thoughts on ““What a Beautiful Place to Be with Friends”

  1. I saw these photos on Facebook and was truly jealous. It looks like such an amazing trip! And seriously, a fire in August?! I WISH the weather was that nice here!!

  2. Hah, well I can’t say it was really that chilly. I still sweat like a pig walking through the farmers market. Though it was pretty dern nice in the evening, and the fireplace itself didn’t put off that much heat in the cabin. 🙂

  3. That looks lovely, I wish I had taken some time away before heading back to school for the semester. I might have to go hiking over the long weekend to make up for it. It looks beautiful out west.

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