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Fitness on the mind

This past weekend I began officially instructing Zumba at the local YMCA and since then I have lead two classes. This little change in my routine has created a snowball effect of activity—I have worked out all but one day in the past week! This is definitely more than my norm, but I think my body is happy for it.

And since I have fitness on the brain, I thought I’d fill this out. I saw it on Cardio Pizza a while back and now actually feel like I have something to say in response to these questions! Seems like fun to me!

Five Fitness Things I can’t Live Without:

    • iPod/iPhone
    • ponytail holders (I am not one of those people who can tolerate working out with hair on my neck!)
    • water bottle nearby (I am not on of those people who can tolerate going more than 5 minutes without a drink of water, and even that is a really long time for me!)
    • dancing!
    • group aerobics. I’m so unmotivated on my own sometimes.

Most Embarrassing Song I Listen to While Working Out:

  • That totally depends on who I’m telling it to. I teach/do Zumba, so it’s understood that there’s a lot of dance/club/latin/world music going on. But it’s not generally music I listen to for the sake of listening to music. I suppose any top 40 songs, like “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO or “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. Though “Drop it Low” by Ester Dean and Chris Brown is a contender!

Favorite Pre-Workout Snack or Meal:

  • Dates and almond butter! Eating exclusively carbs leave my stomach feeling empty not long after, but I don’t like to eat a lot right before working out. The date and almond butter combo gives me energy and staying-power without risking stomach cramps or lethargy!

On My Fitness Bucket List:

  • Get more Zumba certifications (Basic 2 and Toning)
  • Get group fitness certification
  • participate in a bike race
  • be able to touch my toes with my knees straight (my hamstring flexibility was shot with puberty)

Must-Have Tech Tools:

  • iPod/iPhone. That’s about it. hehe.

Best Workout Song:

Top Exercise Gear:

  • I generally avoid buying clothing from Walmart, but the other day I managed to find a sports bra with cups that was NOT racerback! I’ve tried, but I simply cannot tolerate a racerback sports bra. I know Lululemon is famous for their Ta-Ta Tamer which isn’t racerback, but $80 I have not. I did have $15, and the Walmart bra has been a godsend ever since I bought it.
  • Comfy tanks/tees/capris/shorts. I do really love my running shorts, but it was 33 degrees today…

Motivational Mantra:

  • “I’m getting paid to do this…” HAHAH!

Next Big Exercise Goal:

  • Getting involved in more strength training. Since I have access to the YMCA now, I’m hoping to actually take advantage of the weight rooms. I also figure since I’m doing so much cardio between my own classes and the one or two other Zumba classes I still want to attend every week, I need to balance my fitness with some strength exercises.

Favorite Cardio Exercise:

  • ZUMBA!
  • Dance! I miss swing dancing dearly…

Favorite Strength Move:

  • Mot a “move,” but pilates and yoga are my favorite strength-building activities.
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