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A New Challenge

I must tell you what has happened since my last post.

I told you that I was making vegan muffins for my office party.

This did not happen. It did not happen for two reasons:

1) my vegan coworker happened to be on vacation in MACEDONIA. I had no idea.

2) my doctor, who I decided to consult due to some endocrine/GI/allergy issues, has since put me on a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and corn-free elimination diet for the next three weeks.



And since I’m going to Santa Fe in a few weeks on vacation, the last thing I wanted to do was have to forgo dairy and corn. One cannot go to Santa Fe on a quasi-foodie trip and not eat corn. It’s just not possible.

So I had to get this thing rolling as soon as possible. Before the office party.

So I brought the cluster of bananas I had sitting on my counter.

Dyoo yew vuhnder wvhut eet hawz been layke nawt eeteng glewt’n deez pahwst fyew dahyz?

Aye vuhl tyell yew.

Eet hahz beeen a toht’l drahg.

Ah cohmpleet buhzkeel.

(Mmkay. Yeah. I’ve been listened to too much Fiddler on the Roof)


It really hasn’t been too terrible.

Several of my lunches last week have simply turned from this…


(Homemade Texas Caviar and avocado on homemade tortilla chips)

To this…


(Homemade Texas Caviar, avocado, and arugula with black quinoa)

No big deal.

But eating out has been a big deal. I have to be THAT person and order the most pitiful salad ever invented. Or even worse, discover that they don’t have HAVE an allergy menu, and try to make as many substitutions as possible (on ANOTHER salad!), and still manage to get sick.

I have a new respect for people who live like this every day.

My baking is going to get… interesting, especially since for a long time I’ve been baking the majority of my bready goods at home. But after an alarmingly expensive grocery bill, and four attempts at gluten-free baked goods, I can say that I’m getting better! I’ll share more as this time progresses!

Every day I find myself reshaping everything I thought about gluten free baking (which was honestly not much to begin with). Today I found a blog that has also reshaped everything I ever thought about baking in general, gluten or no gluten! It’s Gluten Free Girl (or Gluten Free Girl and the Chef). I love that she approaches cooking with the same scientific detail of Alton Brown but the great passion and delight of a true culinary artist. She even challenges the use of gums and excessive starches and approaches gluten free baking with some consciousness and dedication of a true baker. I’m so excited to try her recipes!

Any other allergy-free tips out there? Smile

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