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My Favorite Season


It’s the very first day of fall! AHH! My favorite time of year!

The fall season brings back so many fond thoughts–

Cozy sweaters
Hay rides
“Haunted” houses
Ghost stories
Pecan pie
Pretty cool-weather clothes
Going outside and not sweating!!
(Okay, fine. It’s Texas, and there’s a good chance we’re still sweating up until Christmas, but still.)
Halloween + Thanksgiving
Crunchy leaves
Cheesy Halloween family movies
History class at school
(Uh. Okay, so I’m not in elementary school anymore, but I always learned the most in the first two months of the school year. Winking smile )
Lots of baking!
Washington Irving
(The Legend of Sleepy Hollow + Rip Van Winkle)

(half my kitchen, about this time last year. Complete with my original 2nd grade artwork!
I’ve since changed out all the old cabinet hardware!)

I’m SO excited for what this means for the blog, too. Smile I have SO many recipes to share with you all! In fact, next week I’ll be devoting the blog exclusively to apple recipes! You excited yet?! Smile Here’s a hint…



What’s your favorite season?

What do you love about the fall season??

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