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Weekend Addictions


Before I say anything I must interject just how gloriously happy I am that with the first of September brought a much-needed cool front to the area. It definitely feels like fall—chilly in the morning, cool in the shade, but the bright sun tickles warmly on the skin. I walked to work today wearing a new sweater with my goosebumped arms crossed tightly in front of my chest. I’m sipping my loose leaf chai and have my toenails painted “haute chocolate” (but I must say they’ve been painted that color for about a month now. My style knows no seasons). I dug out my fall décor and I’m bedazzling my house in shades of red and gold. One of my pumpkin plants produced its first pumpkin-ling this past weekend. And I have in mind to de-gluten-ify my pumpkin cookie recipe in the near future.


This past weekend Edgar and I traveled to Fort Worth to visit my family and celebrate a ton of special occasions (mine, Edgar’s, my sister’s birthdays, plus my parents’ 25th anniversary). My mom secured us reservations at Brio’s Italian Restaurant in Southlake. My parents visited Italy this past summer and made a point of having an Italian “theme” to the evening, starting with dinner, followed by gelato, and ending with a photo slideshow of their trip. I was told to bring something nice to wear, which I sort of did, but also sort of failed in. Apparently my packing skills are going to pot. Two weekend trips in a row and I don’t really pack enough clothes. So I went shopping.

I love Plato’s Closet. I try to visit every time I’m in town. I’m officially a junkie. I also have a habit of buying clothes off the mannequins at that store.

Here’s what I ran away with!


(like my “Haute Chocolate” toe nail polish? Heh heh)

2 Charlotte Russe tops (I’ve never shopped in that store, but I now have three of their tops. I must have a thing for ‘em)
1 Old Navy sweater
1 pair Gap 1969 jeans
. These really had to grow on me. I’m not really into the skinny jean trend (OR the cropped jean trend. I kinda like my long legs), and it typically doesn’t work well with my apple-shaped body type anyway. But I found these for $8 in my size, and they really didn’t look bad, so I walked around the store with them for two hours until I could put together the right top and shoes with them to make ‘em work. And now it totally works. I love these jeans!
1 pair of my favorite fitting Old Navy jeans ever. I’ve been in LOVE with the “Flirt” cut bootcuts since 2008 and I’ve yet to find a better fitting pair of jeans. I figured since I only had ONE pair of fitting jeans in my possession, I could use a spare in a different wash. And who can beat $10?!
1 pair Mossimo tweed-style grey stilettos. Hoo boy. As if I needed a reason to be 5’10”.
1 pair grey casual boots
1 awesome yellow bag

Total?? $61



Here I am with my new outfit! And Edgar, who I am now taller than. Winking smile

Dinner at Brio’s was AMAZING. Unfortunately half my photos are on someone else’s memory card at the moment, but here are a few shots (taken with my point-and-shoot) from the evening!


Sparkling water love.




Yep. It’s a Sanders get-together alright. Cameras pointed EVERYWHERE.


Amazing crack-ers and sourdough bread. Seriously, that’s rosemary-parmesan-flaxseed crackers and they were AWESOME.


I made a point of ordering something nobody else was ordering. The problem is, all the things on the menu that looked the best to me were ordered by someone else! I went with the Citrus Chicken and Shrimp Scampi, which was good, but not as good as all the other dishes I was eyeing. Winking smile


One of those dishes was Ed’s artichoke crusted beef tenderloin. WHAT.

It was probably the best dish on the table!


Dessert was literally across the courtyard.


Gelato, how I love thee.


I picked a combo of Sea Salt with Caramel and Tiramisu (aka. BOOZY GELATO). Lovelovelovelovelove. The sea salt + caramel was probably the best, though. Winking smile




The next day I also visited my next addiction—Central Market. I’ve visited quite a few foodie-type grocery stores in my day. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Sprouts/Henry’s/Sun Harvest, Market Street, Sunflower Market, etc. Central Market is still, hands down, my absolute favorite. I was first intimidated by that store, but now I can’t stay away!

Check out my loot!


Hatch chili tortilla chips (to be eaten with Jenna’s Creamy White Chicken Chili sometime next week)
4 different types of whole bean coffee! (Ed’s thing)
Sorghum flour (for GF baking)
Veggie broth
Grade B maple syrup
Beans (cannellini, black, and garbanzo)
San Marzano tomatoes
Italian tomato paste
Pomegranate (to, y’know, ring in the season. Winking smile )
Vanilla bean paste (so addicted.)
Almond meal
Kamut berries
Spelt berries
Arborio rice (I’ve got several risotto recipes up my sleeve soon!)
Black quinoa (for a friend!)
Fleur de sel
SO MANY LOOSE LEAF TEAS. Doc has me on 6 cups a day. I went all out!
Loose cardamom pods


Not pictured: lamb shoulder chops, fresh figs, and blue corn tortillas!


I tell you what, guys, I’m so excited for the fall season. I’ve got so many ideas for the blog, and I’ll be doing my best to blog more often and have even more recipes, so stay with me! Smile


How’s the weather in your parts?

What do you look forward to in the coming season?

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