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Wishing for a Dreary Day

While the sky seems to falling everywhere else in the country, we have been suffering a pretty seriously drought. Our last significant event of rainfall occurred sometime last fall, and there have only been two (very insignificant) events of any kind of rain since the freezing winter!

For this reason, my brussels sprouts plants are scorching, my arugula is shooting, my hair is frizzing, and my severe seasonal allergies are keeping me home from work today.

Around 10am I realized I was hungry. Really hungry. And I wanted something plant-based. And comforting. I searched through Angela’s recipes and found two that I was pretty keen on trying, but I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for. Ultimately I realized I was too dehydrated so much a decision, so I went to the kitchen, chugged some water, and soon found myself shredding carrots.

I ultimately chose Angela’s Carrot Cake Oatmeal. Comfort food, right? It reminded me of my honeymoon in Colorado Springs, though I’m not sure why. Must be the warm, Autumnal spices. I’m not normally into hot oatmeal, but today it hit the spot and I wish I hadn’t halved the recipe.


I followed the recipe almost to a T. I used cow’s milk since I was out of soy milk. I don’t keep almond milk around.

And I used pecans instead of walnuts because I can pick pecans off the ground in my backyard, so it’s essentially included in my rent. I have to go the store and spend additional money to buy walnuts.
Plus, I prefer pecans.


Overall, a definite success! I’ll certainly make this again, though I’d reduce the maple syrup stirred in at the end of cooking. I felt it was a bit too sweet for breakfast.


I know, that’s criminal of me to say isn’t it?


I’m sure you’ll forgive me.




What do you like to eat when you’re sick?

Has it been raining much in your neck of the woods?

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