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Many people associate the spring with new beginnings.

Not me.

I’ve always felt that life “refreshes” in the fall.

But I’m not here to talk about life.

Okay, I am. But I really want to talk about beans.

And pumpkins. And carrots. And arugula.

Because those are some of the things I planted in my back yard at the beginning of July.

That’s right, I planted a fall garden.

Gardening this past spring has been a hopeless disaster for the entire state of Texas and several neighboring states. We didn’t really have a spring this year. The climate quickly transitioned from a bitter, frozen winter to an oppressively hot convection oven in the blink of an eye. Pair that with less than 2 inches of rainfall on record for the past 12 months and you’ve got a rancher’s/farmer’s/backyard gardener’s absolute worst nightmare. The herbs and vegetables I planted in the early “spring” have been a lovely shade of crispy brown for the past month and a half, despite vigilant watering.

But then July came, and while the daily highs still hovered around the triple digits, the wind finally ceased, making spending time out of doors less akin to suicide.

Plus, I figured we would most likely have an unusually warm autumn, so I could take advantage of the fact that 100 degree weather doesn’t really keep foliage from growing, and by the time my plants would be ready to fruit, the temperature would more than likely remain under the 90 degree tolerable limit.

I hope to keep y’all updated with my fall garden! I wasn’t sure if I would write about it, because all my other gardening attempts have turned out to be complete flops, but this one seems to actually be working!


Black beans + purple beans…







Uhh… this is either arugula or kale. I really don’t remember what! Note to self… LABEL MY ROWS!



San Marzano tomatoes…



I’m growing three different types of pumpkins. This is the Early Sugar Pie variety. It’s growing so big!…



In total, I’m growing black beans, purple beans, snow peas, two different types of carrots, spinach, kale, arugula, San Marzano tomatoes, multi-color bell peppers, brussels sprouts, and three different types of pumpkins (Big Max, Early Sugar Pie, and Musquee de Provence).

Have you ever planted a fall garden?

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