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A Taste of Summer

Hey everyone!

Want to know what I’ve been up to lately?

Yeah, I haven’t been posting as frequently as desired. Life happens.

For example, a big chunk of my non-work life is spent reading Harry Potter. Edgar has demanded that I must read the entire series before we see Deathly Hallows Part II. Thing is, I’m sorta behind. At the beginning of May, I was still on Chamber of Secrets. Shame on me.

Anyway, I’m now about a third of the way into Order of the Phoenix, but I’ve still got a ways to go before next weekend. Eeps! It can be done, though.

Another thing that took up our long holiday weekend was prepping for our fall garden!

We spent all of Saturday outdoors planting pumpkin seeds and digging up a chunk of yard. It’s nothing to look at right now, but the ground is at least broken so I can start planting seeds in about two weeks.

Edgar also spent the day washing his truck with a natural soap product we picked up a few weeks ago (Dr Bronner Sal Suds. Smells AMAZING). I caught him through the back window. Winking smile


I also picked the one tomato that has yet grown on my heirloom tomato plant. It’s a late bloomer. I blame the scorching heat and arid climate.


Edgar and I shared it. I’m not one for raw tomatoes, but this was pretty good!



Let me share a recipe I served for our 4th cookout!

Blackberry Sun Tea!


First, I tossed some frozen blackberries into the bottom of a pitcher. Just enough to sort of cover the bottom. I chose frozen instead of fresh because the frozen will better release their juices when thawed.


I filled the pitcher with water and drizzled in about 1/4 cup of agave nectar. I would have used honey but mine is crystallized and I was too impatient to deal with it. Plus, agave dissolves in cold water, unlike honey or table sugar. That alone is enough reason for me to keep it around.


Drop in four regular-sized iced tea bags and sit in the sun for a few hours or until the color is dark.

As luck would have it, this was the first day in many, many months we weren’t being blinded by the sun. In fact, it was rather cloudy. As I was taking this picture, I felt a raindrop, so I moved the pitcher to a shaded spot. However, that drop may have been the only thing to fall from the sky in Plainview that day. Figures.


After a few hours, take out the tea bags and give the pitcher a good stir. Then serve over ice!



I love it because it’s very lightly sweet (just enough to take off the bitter tinge of unsweet tea), and has a subtle berry flavor. Great for a blistering hot day when you need a cold refreshment with just enough sugar to keep you functional. Winking smile



Have you ever tried sun tea?

What did you do for the 4th?

An Acquired Taste

In our house, Edgar is the coffee drinker and I drink tea. I say that loosely because I typically don’t drink much hot tea, and never at breakfast. To me, drinking something hot in the morning takes too much effort to brew and even more time to drink. Plus it doesn’t make my tummy all that happy. I like my morning drinks to go down quick and refreshing. I generally reserve hot drinks for the evening.

I’ve never really liked coffee. I tried numerous times when I was younger to drink the muddy liquid that dripped out of the Mr Coffee, and attempted to disguise the bitterness with excessive servings of creamer to no avail.

But as they say, it’s an acquired taste. Until recently (and still largely still currently), my taste for coffee was limited to super-sweetened, dessert-like cold, creamy applications. Like tiramisu. Or a Mocha Java Shake from the Broadway Brew, which, to be quite frank, is a tiramisu milk shake. Occasionally I’d find the seasonally flavored brews of cappuccino (which were undeniably a powdered mixture blended with hot tap water) found at convenience stores significantly more pleasant than their Starbucks counterparts.

But recently I’ve found a friend in an iced mocha.

In an effort to increase my liking of coffee without adding mountains of sugar an cream to the tiniest shot of espresso, I’ve resolved to this blended recipe. I can’t say that it’s as quick as pouring a glass of milk, and it still requires the brewing and chilling of coffee before I can even begin to throw anything in the blender, but perhaps in time Edgar and I can work out some system…

  • Handful of ice cubes, pre-crushed a bit in the blender
  • ~ 1 cup of good quality brewed coffee, room temp or chilled
  • ~2/3 cup of milk (I use 1%)
  • ~3 tbsp of chocolate syrup. (Yes, I still use sugar free Hershey’s)

This recipe approximates 100 calories. A cup of milk brings in about that much, but with this I can get twice the volume of beverage. And I’m all about value!

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