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Hampton Roads, VA

Farms/Farmers Markets

Full Quiver Farm (pastured chicken, pork, eggs. I order my chicken feet, backs, and livers through them)
Mattawoman Creek Farms (beautiful produce! Seasonal CSAs)
New Earth Farm (produce, eggs, seasonal CSAs, and the farm itself has a learning center that hosts farm-t0-table cooking and educational sustainability classes)
Old Beach Farmers Market
Hampton Roads Food Swappers Facebook group


Organic Food Depot (best price on local, pastured eggs I’ve found, as well as organic/fair trade cocoa)
Virginia Garden Organic Grocery (only place in the Hampton Roads community that sells Polyface meat. The beef short ribs in particular are cheaper here than anywhere else I’ve found. They also sell pastured pork fat for rendering into lard)
Heritage Natural Market (great for culinary and medicinal herb bulk bins, as well as more obscure ingredients. I get my pastured pork fat here because it comes in smaller packaged and fatback is packaged separately from leaf lard. It’s also very inexpensive!)
Whole Foods Market
Trader Joe’s

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex


Farms/Farmers Markets/Co-ops

Paidom Meats (though they are based out of Nazareth in the Texas panhandle, they deliver to the metroplex every other month, and still maintain competitive pricing on their grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, “transitional” pork, goat, and pastured chicken and eggs)
Homestead Farms (this farm is nestled in a large suburban community. They sell a variety of local and organic goods in their farm store, as well as raw goats milk and honey from their own farm. Their milk is regularly state inspected)
Farm to Fork Food Co-op (grassfed longhorn beef, grassfed bison, grassfed lamb, pastured chicken, pastured pork, wild seafood, Fatworks lard/tallow/duckfat,  small-batch-roasted coffee, local raw honey, and organic maple syrup . This started out as a community-wide co-op and now also operates a storefront. I particularly recommend the chicken stock!)
R.O.C.K (Rockin’ Our Community Kitchens) co-op

Natural Birth Resources

UNT Midwives at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth (I canNOT recommend this group of ladies enough! Low cesarean rates, VERY pro-VBAC, hospital has a birthing tub, open to vaginal breech birth, focuses on family-centered “gentle” cesareans. Even though I had a medically necessary c-section, my midwife was in the operating room with me and was the one to stitch me up. I was never disrespected in the slightest, and was always given evidence-based information. Even with my uterine anomaly, they were very well informed)
Dr. Fred Cummings, MD  (his practice is nearly all VBACs and high risk patients, but he is very pro-natural birth if that’s what the patient desires. I know many women who went to him for their VBACs or otherwise increased-risks birth and they can’t sing his praises enough. I actually first learned about him before I was even married, when I was researching cases of vaginal breech birth in women with uterine didelphys. He was the only case I found in my internet searching who had actually done it–and it was a successful, healthy birth.)
Serenity Birth Services/Trisha Blizzard (Trisha was my doula and childbirth educator. She came to my parents’ home and gave me one-on-one classes on a schedule that worked best for us. I learned so much from her, and she’s so sweet! I am so glad to have had her with me during my son’s birth)
Elise Nichol–doula/student midwife (Elise came to visit me for some of my postpartum visits and helped me with some early breastfeeding complications. She’s wonderful!)
Tarrant County Birth Network
Gentle Beginnings Birth Center
Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center
Daniella Lee–doula/childbirth educator/prenatal yoga instructor  (I loved her prenatal yoga classes at the Gentle Beginnings Birth Center! Highlight of my week!)
Nutured Life Chiropractic Cafe/Leah Murray
The Hatchery Midwife/Sue Salstrand


Breastfeeding/Donor Milk Resources

Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas
Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition
Eats on Feets Texas
Human Milk 4 Human Babies – Texas
La Leche League of Fort Worth


Lubbock/Plainview, Texas



Paidom Meats (grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, “transitional” pork, goat, and pastured chicken/eggs. Wonderful prices, fantastic variety of cuts, beautiful people!)
Pereira Pastures Dairy (raw milk and cream from grassfed Jersey and Geurnsey cows. They utilize a hydroponic system to grow and provide fresh green grass for the cows to eat year-round. Their milk is regularly inspected and the results are frequently posted on their facebook page)
Apple Country Orchards (local apple orchard, conventional-raised. Summer CSAs)


Market Street

Natural Birth Resources

University Medical Center (relatively low cesarean rate, pro-VBAC, provides birth doulas at no charge)



Essential Oils

Native American Nutritionals/Rocky Mountain Oils
Young Living

Herbs/Clays/Beeswax/Misc Ingredients

Mountain Rose Herbs



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