So White 'n' Nerdy…

It’s been an exhausting last few days, but I’ll try to make a better point of posting on here.

I’m currently working on downloading and compiling a bunch of workout music. Can’t help but listen and dance to them as they load…

White ‘n’ Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic
So What? – P!nk
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
Vertigo – U2
Hot ‘n’ Cold – Katy Perry
Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
Yeah – Usher
Drop in on Me – Ricky Martin (brings back Zumba memories!)
Jai Ho – Pussycat Dolls (another Zumba song!)
When You Were Young – The Killers
Single Ladies – Beyonce
Just Dance – Lady Gaga
The Way I Are – Timbaland

And that’s just some. 😉 Basically a lot of music that would fall under the category of “Stupid Crack Music.”

What do you like to work out to?

Several Thoughts

No food pictures today. We overslept this morning, so breakfast was a quickie– HG “Complete & Utter Oatmeal Insanity!” and a Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage patty.

Lunch was just a duplicate of last night’s dinner.

Dinner was something call “Skillet Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas.” Got the recipe off the back of the enchilada sauce can. It was okay. I probably won’t make it again. I’m not really nuts about chicken enchiladas


I’m thinking more about more about how I plan to eat when I reach goal and will thus be in “maintenance mode.” I want to continue eating healthy, but still be able to relax and not worry about counting points the rest of my life. I also don’t want to eating everything in sight just because “I can.” I’m not really any happier eating poorly anyway.

My thoughts on the subject are that I’m probably going to end up being able to eat approximately 30 points a day for maintenance in addition to the 35 weekly points. After scribbling down some example daily menus of what 30 points would look like, I’m quite satisfied!

I’ve decided that my game plan for maintenance (which is still off in the distance, mind you) is that I will:

1) Keep a food journal on which I will only state what I eat. No point values.
2) Be aware of portions. Stop when my belly is satisfied and don’t serve myself more than a reasonable portion.
3) Keep eating a majority of the same food. I do like the food I eat. There’s no reason to quit eating them.  I may just increase the portions of my pasta or add another ounce of steak to my usual portion. I may use more full-fat cheeses and eat more peanut butter. In moderation, of course.
4) Allow myself to indulge without stress or guilt. Just balance it with a healthier meals and maybe a workout.
5) Get in the habit of exercising for the sake of exercising. Don’t worry about whether I burned enough calories to make that hot dog disappear.
6) Weigh myself once a week. If the weight starts creeping up, watch my calorie intake for a week and bring it back down. Nip it in the bud before it really becomes a problem.
7) Enjoy real food!
8.) Discover new and “exotic” foods that happen to be nutritious! Today I bought out United’s whole supply of ground buffalo. I’m nuts about the stuff, and I’m eager to try a buffalo steak.
9) Focus on overall nutrition and not soley on calories. Some more “nutritious” foods may actual contain more calories. Most things that contain flax, for example. Eat them in moderation.
10) Have a healthy respect for the purpose and art of food.

On a similar subject, I’ve also decided to stick with sugar instead of Splenda in some of my baking recipes. In fact, I plan on switching to turbinado sugar for most of my sugar usage. My pumpkin muffin recipe is great, but it does have that slight artificial aftertaste. I’ve decided it’s worth the one extra point to use real sugar, particularly since I only eat one muffin at a time. For my dark chocolate cupcakes, however, I’ll continue using Splenda to cut down the amount of sugar used (because it does make quite a difference in the point values, and the chocolate flavor hides any thoughts of a weird aftertaste), but I’ve adjusted the recipe to use turbinado sugar instead of white, and increased the amount of real sugar and reduced the amount of Splenda as much as I could to keep the point value to a single point. I’m eager to try them out. 🙂

Well, that’s all folks. I think I’m going to go do some cleaning and try out a yoga video before bed.

A Day of Good Fats and a 5K

Recently I’ve been curious to try out new breakfast ideas as well as find new uses for avocado. This resulting in the Southwestern Breakfast Burrito this morning. I like it.

Made with: a scramble of egg beaters, egg white, 1 whole egg, bell peppers, onions, center cut bacon, reduced fat shredded mexican cheee, avocado, and a LaTortilla Factory Smart & Delicious fajita-sized tortilla.

When I got to work a coworker (who is also on Weight Watchers, ironically…) brought a box of doughnuts. I did eat two. I don’t regret the chocolate one.

I also battled a sinus headache all day long. I went to the bookstore because I knew they had free cokes and I was hoping for something diet and caffeinated. What I ended up with was neither: Sprite. Also didn’t help the headache.

Leftover Italian Sausage & Pepper Penne for lunch! Yum…

I munched on some almonds and grapes after lunch. I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of actually eating my healthy oils. Weight Watchers doesn’t actually want people to count anything as a “healthy oil” that isn’t oil out of a bottle, but I don’t care. The rest of the country considers other sources for their good fats allowance, and frankly, I think it’s smarter to anyway. I got my oils today from avocado, almonds, peanut butter, flax and a little olive oil.

I’m seriously considering, though, in the near future, not “double counting” healthy fats when calculating WW points. The idea of double counting fat is probably to discourage you from spending all your points on fatty foods with very little nutrition or satiety. But it’s really not necessary. When it comes to burning fat, calories are calories, and the body doesn’t have to do “over time” to burn a calorie that came from fat. I’d rather not be punished for eating my healthy fats, so I’m likely soon to calculate my points based on what KINDS of fat they are. I’ll continue to double count trans fats and saturated fats, but the healthy fats, mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, I’ll stop at the first counting.

And then there was dinner.

I’ve finally settled on an all-veggie salad recipe. It’s always been difficult for me because I like putting fruit, nuts, and cheese in my salad. All fine and dandy as for as heart health goes, but keeping calories low while extending my meal, it’s not. And I don’t like most raw vegetables. Don’t like raw onions, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, etc. But I settled on these four ingredients: mixed spring greens (not pictured. ran out), spinach, bell peppers, and shredded carrots.  I topped it with a little bit of light raspberry vinaigrette–my favorite dressing.

And for the entree, Kashi Thin Crust Mushroom Trio & Spinach pizza. A serving size is 1/3 of the pizza, but since I was trying to cut back a few points today, I stuck with a 1/4 piece. Also trying to acclimate myself to the idea that mushrooms might be tasty, so this helped with that too.

Not long after dinner it was time for my weekly session with my personal trainer, Priscilla. I got to the Laney Center a little early and hopped on the treadmill for a warmup of a brisk walk. I don’t know if she planned to have me spend most the hour on the treadmill or not, but that’s what happened. She came over four minutes in and instructed me to alternately jog for one minute and walk for two minutes for a total of 36 minutes (including the warmup time already completed). No problem. I essentially did that for 20 minutes the night before. Tonight I had the incline set to 1.0 with a walking speed of 3.8 and jogging speed of 4.5. About 15 minutes into this, Priscilla starts upping my running speed. Near the end, she had me running for dear life (because otherwise I would have fallen off the back of the treadmill!) at 6.8 miles per hour! My 36 minutes also turned into 45 minutes because the gym was trying to close down early, so we apparently couldn’t do all she had planned. By the end of the run, I’d completed 3 miles. Yes, she pointed out that I had essentially run a 45-minute 5K. And all this was after telling her (while walking/jogging) that Ed and I were going to sign up for  5K in the spring. Felt pretty good to know that yes, I CAN do it. And it will be a lot easier after a few more weeks of training. Priscilla also let me know that Wayland will be (hosting? sponsoring?) a 5K in March. Awesome! Looks like Edgar and I will get involved in TWO 5Ks!

I came back from my hour-long workout completely sore, and after sitting down for a bit, I got hungry and still maintained a craving for peanut butter. Considering my lack of a dairy serving today, I tossed some soy milk, banana, cocoa, splenda, ice, and my favorite natural peanut butter in a blender and topped the result with a little sugar free chocolate syrup and fat free whipped cream. Yum!

And now it’s time for a muscle-relaxing bath and a relatively “early” bedtime.

Something Bigger

There is something different I’ve noticed in myself over the past few months and especially now that wedding planning has passed.  I find myself aching to be involved in something bigger. I want to do something important. I want to live a life of service to others.

When I started looking for 5K races, I realized that I wanted to participate in one that benefits a greater good. The race I found was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Fort Worth on April 24, 2010. On a personal level, running this race will encourage me to establish a healthier lifestyle. For Edgar, it will help him get more fit for the Navy as well as provide him some community involvement that he can cite on his military application this spring. On a more universal level, though, I find myself completely willing to shell out $60 for the two of us to run the race because the cause for which the race was formed is worth it. It’s not to say that other benefit races aren’t. It’s to say that while money has always been an issue for me, it’s not all about me, and I can afford to do my part.

This journey toward weight loss and health keeps getting bigger and more globally important than trying to fit into single-digit sized jeans. It just goes to show how God is in the little things, and even the little things can have an enormous impact.

Lifestyle Choices

This evening Edgar and I went to the local YMCA and I ran my first training session in the Couch to 5K program before going to join my other half in the pool.

As I ran on the treadmill, I realized that I really didn’t care about the machine’s calculation of my calories. I realized it didn’t matter. I was on the treadmill training for a 5k not for the purpose of losing weight but for the purpose of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Also for this reason, I did not calculate activity points for my time in the pool. I wanted to enjoy my time with Edgar and not worry about how many calories I was burning. Instead, Edgar and I enjoyed each other’s company and mutually agreed we wanted to return to the pool more frequently. It wasn’t about calories. It was about building healthy habits. I don’t have to assign a point value to my water activies. I just already know in the back of my mind that I burned more calories frolicking around than I would have sitting around at home. To me, knowing that I am building healthy habits and enjoying it is enough of a reward.

Today was a weird change of pace since I stayed home from work today. My very late breakfast consisted of some experimental gingerbread pancakes topped with fall fruit compote, sugar free maple syrup, and fat free whipped cream. Was originally planning on having some turkey breakfast sausage with it, but since I got up so late, I decided the extra protein wasn’t necessary.

Since I had a late breakfast, I skipped lunch entirely and when 5 o’clock rolled around I made this!

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s SO GOOD! It’s a combination of Italian Sausage, bell peppers, onions, and fire-roasted diced tomatoes sauteed together with some italian seasonings and eventually served over whole wheat penne.

(I like to pre-portion the servings and immediately save the leftovers in plastic containers for later.)

And for dessert… Hungry Girl’s No Nonsense Nog recipe! Yuuummm!

Late Night Activities & Eats

It’s nice to get up and get moving. Edgar and I went to the “Late Night Study Break” tonight. The event was roller skating, and I took advantage of the opportunity to rack up a few “easy” activity points. 70 minutes of rolling around the rink and I’m 3 points richer. 🙂

When we got home I whipped myself up some sort of apple pie-ish dessert concotion.

It’s made up of 1/2 cup of Weight Watchers recipe for “Fall Fruit Compote” (minus the pears, since I didn’t have any), fat-free Reddi-Whip, a little bit of Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup (which I’ll leave out next time), and at the last minute I sprinkled on some Fiber One cereal. Pretty good, especially for one point and a serving of fruits/vegetables.

Tomorrow I have plans for Gingerbread pancakes so I have something else to put the leftover compote on!

Breaking news!

This is just a quickie product review for the butter spread I’ve been using for several months now. It passed the country-boy husband test! In fact, today, out of nowhere, he smears it on his baked sweet potato and after several bites gives out his satisfied grunt and says it’s “good stuff!” (or something to that effect). 🙂  Well, here’s the butter impostor ‘causing all the commotion in this house!

New goals & week 10 stats

Starting Weight: 176.8
10% Goal Weight: 159.1

New Weight!: 163.8

Total lost: 13.0 lbs

– – – –

Wahoo! That’s right! Even though I went about 20 points beyond my total dailies and weeklies, I still managed to lose weight. A good part of it is water weight leftover from the honeymoon, but I’m still lighter than I was before the honeymoon, which is FANTASTIC!

Yesterday I was so worried and upset after the open house. Every since I went a little over on Saturday at my Sunday School Christmas party, I’ve been wondering how I could make up for it. I even tried to reduce my daily points for two days for it. Well, that didn’t happen. Yesterday after work I just decided that it’s best that I just pretend it didn’t happen (save for counting it on eTools) and eat dinner like normal. In fact, I ate dinner like normal, plus most a can of Sprite, 2 pumpkin muffins and a serving of Hungry Girl’s egg nog. Basically I decided to relax and live a little but not go overboard and let myself think, “oh, the week is ruined anyway!” and eat everything  in sight. I guess it worked.

With today’s weigh-in I’ve realized that I’m only 4.7 lbs away from my 10%. Therefore I’m making it a personal goal to reach that 10% goal by the end of the year. I’m also making it a point to go to the Weight Watcher meetings in town over the Christmas break (since WW At Work won’t meet over the break). This will help keep me accountable.

I meant to start a new running program yesterday, but it was way too dang cold. The temperature never got out of the 20’s yesterday, and for me to work out would mean I’d have to go back out into the cold in a car that doesn’t like running with the weather like that. But that said, I’ve decided to start the Couch to 5k program so that I might build some kind of appreciation for running. My current self pretty much hates running’s guts.

I’m also thinking of signing up for a 5K in the spring with hopes that maybe that will motivate me more with the program. We’ll see what happens!

No Man's Land

I’m beginning to realize that I should not be around a large spread of food. Period. Receptions, open houses, office parties, potlucks… it just doesn’t end well.

What usually happens is there is a great array of food. Lots of food. Lots of unhealthy food. IF there is any healthy food to be found, it is in the form of raw vegetables. Let me tell you the problems I have with this:

1. Who in their right mind is going to pass up the pecan pies, stuffed jalepenos, cookies, brownies, chips and cheese balls (the unhealthy food, making up 96% of the available food) for raw celery sticks?!

2. I HATE raw vegetables. Actually, I hate the raw vegetables that I would normally find on a veggie tray. Once a year I might muster up the palette for a few raw carrots, but I definitely don’t like raw celery, tomatoes, and broccoli no matter how much ranch dressing you pour on it (which defeats the purpose of it being healthy anyway).

3. Because of the great variety of food, it is a lot easier to rack up half a day’s worth of points than if they had just served a full meal with an entree and 2 sides. Seriously. I’ve tested this. I probably picked up 6 items, some of them half the size of the rest on the tray. Small foods, very few foods, and I still managed to rack up enough points to where I could have gone to Chili’s and ordered a Carne Asada steak with the steamed veggies and still come out fewer in points.

This time of year is not pretty for me points-wise. I’ve gone probably 15 points over my limit this week. I could have done worse, and I have in the past. I probably just maintained my weight, but it’s still frustrating. Thankfully there’s not really a specific time I NEED to lose all this weight, but it is my personal goal to reach 150 lbs before the end of this 17-week Weight Watcher session.

For this reason I should probably avoid places where extensive spreads of random foods are present. Thankfully my office Christmas party is an actual lunch, and while people are bringing food, it’s a planned luncheon and it’s actually an entree with sides!


*Week 9*


Height: 5’6″
Age: 21

Starting Weight: 176.8
5% Goal Weight: 167.9
10% Goal Weight: 159.1
Ultimate Goal Weight: 138

New Weight!: 167.0

Total lost: 9.8 lbs

Turning leaf

Seven years ago I began my first blog. It was a Xanga site and I fully intended to continue writing it it beyond my college years into adulthood, marriage, and becoming a mother.

I almost made it. Several weeks ago I decided that my Xanga page needed to be put the rest with what is left of that blogging community. I realized that with the changes that my life is taking, a new blog needed to be established. My Xanga site chronicled my life from ages 14 to 21. Now I begin my journey on wordpress discussing my challenges and excitement in adulthood, marriage, career, weight watchers, and the great unknown before me.

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