No Tricks to make these Treats!



Can you believe it’s only one week to Halloween??

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Halloween! And I’m pretty sure I love it more every year!

As a kid, Halloween served as a day where I was permitted to prance around in abnormal garb and eat copious amounts of candy. Today, it’s all that and more! But now that I’m older and savvier in the kitchen, I’m even more excited to make my own Halloween treats!

Before today, I’ve never had a popcorn ball in my life. Is that weird? I’ve never been crazy about popcorn—unless it’s covered in sugar! I always liked caramel corn.

This is something like caramel corn. But in spherical form and with hints of chocolate and peanut butter. I first thought that anything that required the use of a candy thermometer would be fussy, time-consuming, and far from fail-proof, but I was wrong. This was simple and fairy quick to make!


I used Alton Brown’s recipe for Popcorn Balls, but I adjusted some of the ingredients. Instead of corn syrup I used light agave nectar, and instead of cocoa nibs I used mini chocolate chips and peanut butter chips! I also used olive oil instead of peanut oil and butter.


I started off making a normal batch of popcorn (according to the Alton Brown recipe), sans butter. Actually, I started off putting all the popcorn ingredients in a bowl, turning on the stove, and having Edgar take over because I just can’t handle popcorn. Lame.

Afterwards I put popped popcorn, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips together in a large bowl.


Hehe… Maggie is never far away when I’m cooking.


Next, I mixed the agave nectar, molasses, sugar, salt, vanilla, and water together in a large pot and allowed it to boil for two minutes with the lid on. Then I took off the lid and added the candy thermometer.


I let the mixture do its thang over medium heat until the candy thermometer reached 250 degrees.


Then I poured the sweet tar immediately into the bowl of popcorn + candy and mixed with all my might!


When thoroughly mixed and cool enough to touch, I oiled my hands and formed balls of the popcorn mixture and placed on a sheet to cool.



After allowing to cool for about two hours, they are ready to eat!



See here for original recipe


I really look forward to trying more Halloween treats this week! In fact, I expect my candy thermometer is going to get a workout this season!


Have you ever eaten popcorn balls?

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

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