Lavender & Honey Lemonade


It’s the first day of Summer! And do you know what that means?!

I am wearing shorts.

Zucchini will soon overtake my garden and kitchen.

My hair is never sitting on my neck.

I will eat more gazpacho in two months than in all the other months of the year combined.

And I need an iced cold one. At all times.

But I’m not talking about beer! No… I’m taking about lemonade!

Ever since we started making lemonade fresh every day at work, I can almost always be found within arm’s reach of an Arnold Palmer. Even my coworkers have set aside their coffee habits in favor of their own mixes of lemonade and iced tea. Lemonade, I’d say, it’s probably summer’s best refreshment.

And I decided to take it to the next level with adding the floral note of culinary lavender and sweeten it only with honey. The combination of lemons and lavender is truly remarkable. This concoction is light and refreshing, as lemonade should be, but the lavender adds a romantic note without being overpowering. It is really as if the lavender has always belonged in lemonade.


If you come to the Brew, you will find fresh squeezed lemonade. It won’t be this Lavender & Honey variety, but that’s okay, because you can make this at home with just a few ingredients!

Lavender & Honey Lemonade
Adapted from Earth Eats
Makes about four cups

1/3 cup honey (I used local raw honey, but it’s not necessary. You’re boiling the stuff anyway)
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp dried lavender flowers (culinary grade! I got mine from a health food store bulk herb+spice section)
1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

In a small pot, combine the honey and water, bring to a boil, then simmer until the syrup is reduced by half. Add the lavender flowersou  and allow to simmer for another minute. Set the pot aside and allow to cool.

Fill a quart-sized mason jar or pitcher with ice. Then add the lemon juice. Using a fine mesh sieve, strain the honey syrup into the jar with the lemon juice and ice. Fill the jar to the top with filtered water and give it a stir.

Serve chilled and by itself or mixed with iced tea for a lovely variation on an Arnold Palmer!



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