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Out of Season

It is late-February and I’m already in the mood for fall.

Actually, being in the mood for fall is something that happens to me approximately 10-11 months out of the year.

With the weather becoming more temperate with the approach of spring, I can imagine the fall season more easily, but I have to pretend not to notice that there are no orange leaves scattered about or that the apple tree in our backyard is 100% bare.

But of course, nothing keeps me from eating fall-seasoned food year-round! (Well, with the possible exception of another canned pumpkin shortage, but I’m still to this day hoarding cans in my pantry to get me through the summer!) I pulled out two oldies-but-goodies (plus a newie?)for dinner and curled up in my sweats on the couch to watch Casper, because, well…a girl’s got to cope with her weird moods somehow.




Tuscan Pumpkin-White Bean Soup.

I’ve showcased this recipe before her e on the blog. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe I fell in love with about a year ago. It’s so quick and easy that I don’t even bother looking at the recipe anymore, and the ingredients are things you could easily have on hand already. So good, and the heat feels so good on my sore throat!


Harvest Salad.

Another recipe I’ve pulled up twice already on the blog. I skipped the squash, even though I do have some, because I was already heavy-dosing on the vitamin A with the soup. Also, the ingredients are mostly based on whatever I had on hand. No artisan blend greens? I used arugula. No pepitas? I used pistachios. No blue cheese? I used goat cheese. I did have apples, though, so that remained the same.


No Knead Bread.

Now this is a recipe I haven’t discussed here on the blog. Even though I was getting plenty of carbohydrates from the beans, I couldn’t shake the idea of a chunk of fresh, whole grain bread served alongside to round out my harvest-time daydream. I used the recipe from the NY Times as a starting point, but I used all whole wheat flour, plus added 4 tsp of vital wheat gluten to make sure it rose better. And instead of cornmeal on the outside, I used oat bran! It turned out WONDERFUL!





What’s your favorite season?

Fear not the bacon!


Notice anything different? I’m finally on my own domain! I also have a new header! So check it out if you’re reading this from an email or RSS feed!


Today I skipped choir rehearsal to stay home and hang out with Edgar, who was home sick, but able to be up and about by the time I got home. I didn’t feel like putting a lot of effort into dinner, so I got the idea (after watching Edgar pull out the eggs and bacon) to wilt some rainbow chard and top it with egg and bacon. Then I had the bright idea to use bacon fat to cook the spinach!

Did you know I keep bacon fat in an old honey jar in my fridge? This is about five months’ worth of grease. Lovely, huh? It lasts for eons in the fridge.


I obviously don’t use it much, just like I don’t use butter all that much. I really should, though. Did you know that bacon fat has a greater percentage of unsaturated fats and a lower percentage of saturated fats than butter? Plus, bacon grease is cheap to acquire and imparts a lot of flavor! It’s certainly nowhere near being a considered a health food, but really, fear not the bacon! I rendered this stuff from the uncured bacon I get from Paidom.

So back to dinner. I sauteed the chard in the bacon grease and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese, then added some crisp bacon pieces, and topped it all with an over-medium egg I fried in about a teaspoon of more bacon grease. Yummm!!


Quick and easy. A simplified Southern dinner!


How do you feel about bacon and using bacon grease?

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